Shooting Range in Bratislava

Shooting Range in Bratislava

Activity info:

Have you ever tried shooting in real life? Well, it’s not as easy as it seems. Now you get the chance to try some real guns. 

First start with the semi-auto carbine Beretta C4 Storm (or Grand Power Stribog) cal 9mm Luger (10 shots), then the Revolver Ruger (or Colt, Taurus) cal 357 Magnum (6 shots), later the machine gun Scorpion vz 61 cal. 7,65 (10 shots) and at the end the pistol Glock 17 cal 9mm (10 shots). You can get some more guns and ammo on the spot. Our lovely guide and return transport are included.

You'll need to bring a photo ID if you want to shoot! You must be sober to do this event, for obvious reasons. 

What's included?

  • Guide
  • Instructors
  • 4 guns
  • 36 shots
  • Return transport

Duration: approx. 1 hour

Price list

From (people) To (people) Price / pp
6 8 57.00 €
9 11 55.00 €
12 14 54.00 €
15 53.00 €


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Extra information

You need to be sober to do this activity.

ID is required.

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