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Stag or Hen Party?

We are locals - Czech-o-Slovaks. No middle man needed!

Thanks to our local expertise and knowledge, you’ll get the best possible party experience. We’ll show you the top places, organise the coolest activities and be there for you 24/7. All that for unbeatable local prices. Just choose, book and get relaxed. It’s that simple!

How it works?

Step 1

Select a destination and choose your activities

Choose the city in which you want to experience the stag or hen party of your life. The offer of activities is varied and affordable for everyone. Share your chosen tips with the whole group.

Step 2

Make a non-binding reservation

Simply click on the chosen activity, enter the number of people, select the date. You can even choose an approximate time that you want as a start for each activity. After making a reservation, you will receive an Information Voucher by email.

Step 3

Confirmation of dates and times

We will contact you immediately. We will agree with you details such as available time, meeting place, etc. Whatever interests you, any questions you may have, we are here for you. The reservation can be canceled at any time.

Step 4

Confirmation of reservation

By paying the deposit, your reservation becomes confirmed. The amount of the deposit depends on the character of the activity. Payment is possible by bank transfer, card or Paypal. After payment, you will receive an email confirmation voucher.

Step 5

Just relax

We will arrange everything else for you. :)

This is my first time organising a stag or hen party. What do I need to know?

1. What is a bachelor/bachelorette party?

A bachelor party is the last big party before the wedding and it's the kind of party where nearly everything is allowed. The whole party is dedicated to the groom/bride and it's up to their friends to make sure that they have the time of their lives. Nowadays, having a few drinks in a bar just isn't enough. The parties are usually organised separately for the bride and the groom.

2. Who organises the party?

The maid of honour or the best man is chosen by the bride or groom. It is often a best friend or a brother or sister, but it can also be anybody else who is chosen by the bride/groom. In any case, neither the bride nor groom should have to lift a finger to organise anything. Their job is just to let themselves be entertained and seduced by a wave of party surprises and activities.

3. What exactly is the organiser's role?

The organiser's role isn't in an easy one, by any means. He/she has to coordinate a group of people who may even not know each other. Furthermore, they must think of a program, raise finances, oversee the organisation, deal with a stripper or transport and, most of all, make sure that the bride or groom is having an amazing time. Leave all those worries to us. We'll take care of them while you can be free to have fun with the bride's or groom's group.

4. When to start organising the bachelor/bachelorette party?

You should start preparing the party at least 2 weeks in advance or ideally a month before the wedding. We know, based on our experience, that a week is not enough and a couple of days before the wedding can turn out to be quite a disaster. However, if we are being honest, we have managed to plan quite a few successful last-minute parties, even one day before the wedding. (This is mainly the gentlemens' specialty.)

5. What if the people in the group don't know each other?

In that case, the best option is to prepare a day or evening program oriented towards team activities. This can help the members of the group get to know each other, create a connection between them and make sure everyone is on the same wave-length before the proper stag night begins. If your group is smaller, we recommend that you take a trip abroad. The fun experience of being together will then be enhanced by a new dimension of the unknown and the unfamiliar. But again, we strongly recommend that you prepare everything well in advance, so that you don't end up stranded somewhere unfamiliar, outside a fully booked hotel.

6. How to handle the finances?

The bride or groom should be partying “all-inclusive”, which means they should never have to spend one penny of their own money. Usually, unless there is another sponsor, all participants pitch in and share the financial cost. As an organiser, you need to confirm the number of participants and collect the money from each of them in advance. It's definitely not fun when instead of 10 people, only 5 show up and then those 5 are stuck with having to pay the difference, as we've seen happen a few times before.

7. In conclusion...

The most important tip of all. You don't have to get the bride/ groom completely wasted at all costs ;). It is much better if they are able to remember their stag party. Brainstorm your ideas and prepare something truly special and memorable for them. It is their and also your big celebration together, so be sure to make the most of it. Who knows when, if ever, there will be another chance for a gentlemens' s or ladies' party of such proportions anytime soon.

Why to organise your stag / hen weekend with us?

Customer satisfaction is our priority

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  • Customer satisfaction is our priority

    We are extremely interested in our ... ->

  • %Bargain prices

    We are extremely interested in our ... ->

  • Quality and reliability guaranteed

    We cooperate only with verified ... ->

  • On market since 2010

    We have gained a lot of experience ...->

  • Unique ideas

    We offer activities for women and men ...->

  • Non-binding bookings

    Before you pay the deposit ...->


We are a team of young people who know how to party, who love their job and are not afraid of new challenges. We have been organizing stag parties since 2010 for local clients and since then we have become the biggest local company in this field. We currently operate in two countries and four cities: Bratislava, Košice, Prague and Brno.

We have a wide selection of services, more than 500 different activities: day and night, for women and for men, for domestic and now for foreign clients too. We believe that you will soon join several thousands of our satisfied customers. We will organize a party which will entertain. Quality, speed and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Katarina Slavikova

Party Queen - with more than a decade of experience in the party industry

Lukas Gajdos

Party Guru for Prague & Brno

Diana Furikova

Party Diva -will help mix the best stag do or hen do programs

Monika Knorkova

Party Fairy for Prague and Brno - with the help of her magic we organize the best parties



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