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We have prepared the best and most interesting activities that the entertainment industry has to offer - daytime, nighttime, fun, sexy, relaxing, and also prank activities. Here you have the opportunity to build the most suitable program just for your group.

Stag party in Prague

Can you imagine a more suitable place for a stag party than in the heart of Europe? Prague always offered something more. In addition to a perfect gastronomy in traditional or modern restaurants and famous nightclubs, you will find here much more. We offer you a selection of the best offers from our proven partners. Satisfaction of our customers and high quality of services is the most important thing for us. That's why you will sail the Vltava river with the pleasant and nice staff or we will take you just to the clean and tidy restaurants. With us you will dance in the best Prague clubs, you will ride the most luxurious limousines and you will enjoy the best women's striptease from real professionals. Stag ride will thus become a great party for the whole group. In addition, we offer you a lot of other interesting ideas and tips for the day-time. Prague is one of the best places in the world to organize a bachelor party- that is why a lot of people celebrate such an important step in life right here. The groom is guaranteed to be satisfied.

Transport and accommodation in Prague

Getting to Prague is not difficult at all. Prague is a transport hub in central Europe, you can come here comfortably by train, by bus, by car, you can arrive by plane or even by boat. However, it can sometimes be difficult for the whole group to arrange a transfer from the Prague´s main railway station or Prague´s airport. That´s why we offer you pick-up and drop-off within Prague for larger and smaller groups at advantageous prices. You can use a classic minibus or a stylish limousine or even an entire Partybus. Prague offers a huge accommodation options from luxury apartments to a smaller romantic hotels or hostels. In addition, Prague has one of the best integrated public transport in the world. When choosing accommodation, it is not a problem to stay further away from the center.

Prague ´s stag party during a day

The bachelor party doesn't have to be just about an evening entertainment until late in the morning. The groom will certainly appreciate the daily accompanying activities as well. Those are mainly outdoor and adventure activities. The farewell Olympics or football games are very popular for larger groups. For fans of crazy sports, Bubble football is a great tip. You can also play paintball or Reball or to shoot from different types of weapons in a shooting range. If you already have a program for the evening, the really best daily experience is a boat trip, during which you can relax, drink or eat and enjoying the beautiful views of Prague. For your relaxation, we have prepared also the Wellness offers, during which you can relax and prepare for the evening.

Clubs, bars and evening stag tips in Prague

There is a huge amount of what Prague offers you for your stag party in the evening. Modern or traditional bars and pubs, small or big music clubs with different genre of music, restaurants and various attractions will take your breath away. It is always better to plan at least half of the evening and night carefully and in advance to avoid unnecessary time-consuming movement through the whole city. You can start with a steak dinner with a striptease surprise for the groom. Then you can continue to one of the famous bars or pubs or clubs. It is always better to make a reservation there in advance for the whole group. A great tip for a stag time is also a cruise on the Vltava, for example with unlimited drinks. You can use luxury limousines to move between clubs and music venues, or try the Partybus, which is styled like a music club but offers you much more.

TOP stag do activities in Prague

Check out the most popular activities organized exclusively by us. They are original, sexy and definitely not be boring. Verified by time, customers and also directly by our great team. The top stag do weekend with us guaranteed. 

Strip shows and sexy activities in Prague

To spicy up your stag party in Prague, our beautiful dancers can dance for you in your apartment, limousine, restaurant, club or during your boat travel. If you want something more extra, you can choose an extended version of the performance, such as Lesbo show or you can surprise the groom with a funny XXL dancer. We will also prepare a Mud wrestling matches for you, where two naked sexy bunnies will invite and fight the groom in the mud-pool. Or let your group be taken by a luxury limousine to one of the most famous Strip clubs in Prague, right in the city center. Here we have prepared a well-assembled drink package for your stag do and a dance of beautiful dancers of your choice right on your table. During the evening, you can also try to arrest the groom by the fake police with a striptease performance after or order a Sexy awakening, when the groom comes to wake up by our sexy dancer.