Demolition Man

Demolition Man

Activity info:

At the beginning, the instructor will tell you what security rules to follow. Then you will receive protective googles, gloves, helmet and tools for the destruction (baseball bat, axe and stick). You can also get the car spray-painted according to your liking before the destruction. And then you are free to smash the car to pieces and enjoy its total destruction! Feel free to bring spectators and cameraman with you. There will be refreshment on the grounds, so you can recharge your energy with fresh beer from tap.

Maximum of 6 people for one car.

Our English speaking guide will ensure that anything will run smoothly.

What´s included?

  • Hotel  / city pick-up;
  • English speaking guide;
  • Car to destroy;
  • Instructor who supervises the smooth and safe running of the whole activity;
  • Destruction equipment;
  • Helmet, googles and gloves.


Number of people ( Min: 1 , Max: 6 )
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Extra information

The total number of 6 people per one car is limited for safety reasons – It is always only one person destroying one car. We recommend to wear some ideally older clothes and hard shoes. Or you can also borrow an overal for 4 € on the spot.

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